Who are we?

What do we sing?

Where do we sing?

What do others
think of us?

How do we look?

How does one reach us?


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Viola        Rabea        Rogina        Roger        Dagmar

Who are we?

Klangküsse is an a capella quartet. So: we are four and sing without orchestra – but with lots of fun and an enormous perseverance, when and where ever we are together.

Klangküsse comes from Bonn.
And we are together since January 2004. We found each other at the Barberellas, at the First Barbershop-Chorus in Bonn. Only the search for a Bass voice was more difficult. This search lead us very far - over to England. But then finally we were so successful and lucky that we are today able to treat ourselves to the luxury of even two Basses. The female version enables us to sing all the songs about jealousy and problem areas, that only a woman can sing. The male version opens new horizons for us as a mixed quartet. And it is absolutely miraculous that although both basses are always with us, we travel comfortably in a four-seat-car.