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What's new?   What's new?   What's new?   What's new?


We very proudly present: our second CD, titled “Ya gotta know ... Klangküsse”. 

Feb 2013:

2013 looks busy, with the European Championships in Veldhoven, NL, in Mar and then we fly to Canada in Jun to attend the International Championships.  Being Mixed we cannot compete even though we are the German Champions, but we shall sing in a show as well as in the International Jamboree.  We expect it to be great fun!

We have just recorded our second CD, titled “Ya Gotta Know ... Klangküsse”.  It will be out in Mar 2013.


Our December Concert, which was played to a full house and enjoyed by all.

Night of Singing
... a concert with 4 other A Capella Groups, which was  well received and we were able to sit and listen to some other great groups. Delta Q and Aquabella providing the Professional input.

We sang in the BING Harmony weekend competition, the Coesfeld Cup, and came second to a new all female group - Juno.

We competed in the BundesContest German ACappella, in the Amateur category.  We came fourth in a very varied section, which groups providing Vocal Percussion and other interesting sounds.

We sang as the Guest singers in an evening celebrating the Dutch Chorus, “Between Two Rivers”.  The concert hall had wonderful acoustics, which made the evening even more enjoyable. See the links.

We are giving a concert in Aldeburgh Suffolk, on the Saturday night and on the Sunday will sing in the Aldeburgh Church Service.  We sang there last year in Feb 2009 and had a lovely time and wish to build on the occasion when Aldeburgh is full of holiday makers.



Gold retained!!

In the German Barbershop Championship, we came first with our highest ever score..77.8%.  We are very proud as you can imagine.

See how we looked for our first song, a parody of "You Gotta know-Can't you give us anything but Love?", staring a Hugh Heffner look-a-like and some bunny girls!!

15 March 2009:

We are a master chorus
And we are very proud of this. We have participated in a competition of the Chorverbands NRW, which has taken place as part of the Sing & Swing-Festivals in Cologne. And now we are a master chorus, although a very small one.


Singouts in spring and summer 2009
After a busy 1st quarter with many competitions, spring and summer will offer some nice concerts in which we will participate. Click HERE for further information.


11. October 2008:

Hey Ho.....
We have just competed in the annual BING! Barbershop Competition and came 2nd by 0.33%!! The winners are a great quartet, and our congratulations go to SPLASH.  


22 July 2008:

Klangküsse are on TV!

On Friday, 25 July, we can be seen on TV, at Center TV in Cologne. Live and in colour. The sind wir im Fernsehen zu sehen. Bei Center TV Köln. Live und in Farbe. The broadcast is called "Rheinzeit“ and our part will be starting at about 18:15h. To learn more about this, look HERE.


04 May 2008:

ACC-Bundescontest 2008
One contest follows the other. This time we competed  in the A-cappella-Bundescontest that took place in Sendenhorst in the segment  pop music.  And we are proud that we could take beautiful trophies home with us. In the Und wir freuen uns riesig, dass wir wieder schicke Pokale mit  nach Hause bringen konnten. In the category amateurs we were able to reach the 3rd place. 

16 March  2008:

On Friday 14 March, we won Gold at the German Barbershop Quartet Competition in 
Dortmund. We beat the other 11 quartets, with "Latest Edition" and "Halftones" 
respectively coming second and third. We are, as you can guess, rather happy!!

The other great news from the weekend was that the three girls  who either 
direct or sing in the Barberellas ( the Bonn Female Barbershop Chorus), came 4th 
in the Chorus Competition on Saturday 15 March, as well as winning the Crescendo 
Cup for the most improved chorus.

10 February 2008:

New singouts in 2008! 
The year has just started but we already have quite a few singouts and concerts planned. One of it is even abroad! For more information please click HERE.


31. Dezember 2007:

We have sound! 
Or better: Our homepage has sound. Now you can listen to songs from our repertoire. For music samples of Klangküsse, just click HERE

05. Oktober 2007:


We participated in the Coesfeld-Cup 2007 and won the silver medal. In this competition that took place on the 4 October, 10 German Barbershop-quartets took the chance to take part in this contest. For the first time, Klangküsse was officially part of the competition and we are really proud of having reached the No. 2 position. 

Congratulations to the winners – Inflagranti from Cologne.

Our next goal is the Bundeswettbewerb in the beautiful Konzerthaus in Dortmund in March 2008. We are really looking forward to this spectaculous event. Tickets can be purchased on the Bing - Homepage.  


16. September 2007:

Great coaching weekend in Sendenhorst! 
All winners of the ACC competition had been invited to the Münsterland the weekend of the 15 / 16 September. ACC offered coachings with the A-cappella group "Harmony Central" and Matthias Becker. Some impressions of this weekend you will find HERE

01. August 2007:

Our first CD is produced - and we are really proud! 

It is called "Anything Goes", and there are 14 pieces of music on it. 
Shortly you will find more details on the page about our repertoire and as well some samples to listen to it. Until then there is only one way to listen to it: Order the CD at a price of 15,-€ plus postage - Dagmar will be happy to send it to you (dagmar [at] klangkuesse.de). 

11 June 2007:

Just a little change: We've got a new name – 
but we stay the same.

In the past we could be mixed up with lozenges. So we changed our name. We now sing with slightly sore throats but with an even better sound.